Friday, December 14, 2012

Sandy Brook Elementary School in Newton CT......

Today I was at work, working and Facebooking and I came across a post of one of my friends that said something like..."OMG who would kill kids" instantly I got a chill in my body cause the thought of killing kids is just least so I thought... as I continued to read I saw more and more post about, killing kids, and a school. So I immediately went to my trusty news source MSN and low and behold the top story was about a gunman going into an ELEMENTARY School and killing kids and teachers, and some parents... I was like Whaaat the Hell... who does heart was instantly heavy, and the more I read, the more my eyes began to water...
 All I was thinking is who would do such a thing, and it seem like with every update there were more and more bodies... with a grand total of 28 people with 20 being kids... yes kids..kindergarten kids...(Lord please be with this whole community)

ok now what kind of coward would kill kids... cause you definitely have to be a coward..these are babies who can't or hasn't hurt any damn body...especially this fool...and he killed his own momma in this tragic, tragic event...Who does this...well his name is or I should say was Ryan Lanza...and another thing that really bothers me is, how come when these delusional people snap out and kill people, they end up killing themselves.... UGH that just burns me up.. if you wanted to kill your own fool self then that's what the hell you should've done, why take all these innocent people, especially these babies...

And the even sadder part is the aftermath...All the parent's who lost their babies, all the other babies that witness their classmates die, and the babies that even heard the gunshots... this selfish son of a bitch has done something to all these babies that they will never forget and will need counseling and therapy and will prob have night terrors ....smh

My heart goes out that whole community...I said a prayer for them today and I will continue to pray for them, I couldn't even fathom or understand this kind of pain....

God please, put your arms around this community as they work towards healing...

Elementary school massacre


  1. Amen! You said it, just how I feel. I am praying for those families, children, and the whole community and for their healing. I happened across your blog while reading up on the latest of this tragedy. Thank you for sharing. Now, can we get those idiots in Washington to understand they need to change the gun laws? We have a president whose heart is hurting along with those families and he will do something if given the chance. How come some one with a known personality disorder could get his hands on 4 semi automatic guns. It's simple....mental guns. If you have multiple DUIs or in some states, just one DUI, it is a felony and you lose your right to vote. But have mental issue even hospitalized for it and you can still vote and have a gun! Really!?? I believe in having your own home protection and I have enjoyed some game that friends have hunted. But please please someone make it harder if not impossible for these nuts to get these mass killing machines and keep going into our schools and theaters and malls to only end up taking innocent lives. Can I get an Amen? Woo sorry to vent on your blog. This tragedy hits home, I work for a school district in GA. My heart hurts so over losing yet even more children.

  2. Adam Lanza was a Psychiatrist subconscious Mind Programmed Victim. The shooting was designed to action this way.
    Don't, and never be fooled like a fool, visit to understand the truth. Yes, the truth will have to be understand, not to be told. Think by your own with your own brain.

    1. Yang Jiansheng I went to your site and it sounds like you are saying mentally ill people are being watched and coerced by health care professionals who attend up to 6 years of college to learn and dedicate their lives to helping people in need to commit mass murders. Really?! You support this theory? So what, once a person begins having a mental issue they are doomed forever? There is no help for them but, to help themselves with mind control thoughts? God is not there to heal their hearts and mind? Psychiatrist can't help to treat their symptoms? That is so sad. What about those who killed but were never treated by psychiatrist and worse of all never knew God? I believe these are deeply disturbed souls that somehow ended up so alone they loss touch with any sense of reality and in all senses of evil, acted upon their insanity resulting in the loss of innocent lives. We can not possibly believe there is anyone who could come up with any such hidden agenda to purposely want to create and cause something so vile and cruel. That is insane in itself! So your answer would be to take out all Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Doctors, and the government behind this plot? What is that but, more evil and killing. Again, I say no weapons, no killings. We will never be able to stop it all but, this would be a step in the right direction to make it very difficult for the average person (especially those with mental issues) to have access to semi automatic weapons that hold up to 30 or more rounds of ammunition and go about on a killing spree! For those who commit these crimes that don't end up committing suicide, they need all the help they can get and to be brought to the point of realization of what they have done and be held accountable for it in some way and for those competent enough....made to pay for their crimes against the innocent lives they took from all those loving families and friends. I personally think you need to get a reality check. They are not watching you, they are not controlling your thoughts, they are not out to get you, and you will not be abducted and have your brain pick apart in the night. Please don't be so trivial about something so horrendous!